135 typical IELTS speaking part one questions


135 typical IELTS Speaking Part One questions. The statements below are very approximately in order by the most likely topic and the most likely questions within each topic. That will mean that topics low in the list and questions low in each list are fairly unlikely, but they are given anyway to give some idea of the potential variability of IELTS questions. As the IELTS questions changed all the time and are no longer published, there will certainly be questions in the exam that are not in the list below, as well as some that are similar but stated differently and maybe some topics that are not here. Admin questions

  1. Can I see your (photo) ID please?/ Can I have your scorecard please?/
    Please show me your passport/ Can I see some identification first?
  2. Can I just check your name? / Your name is ___/ So you
    are_______________. Is that right?
  3. Could you tell me your (full) name please?
  4. Can I check out how to pronounce/ spell your name?
  5. What would you like me to call you?/ What should I call you?
  6. Which part is your first name?
  7. So, it says here that your name is ____ Did I pronounce
    that okay?
  8. Would you prefer me to use your first name or your family name?
  9. Is it okay if I use your first name?
  10. Should I call you _ or __?
  11. Do you prefer Mrs, Miss or Ms? Work and studies
  12. Are you working or are you a student?
  13. What do you do?
  14. Do you enjoy your studies/ work? (What makes you say that/ Why?)/ What is the most interesting aspect/ part of your studies/ work?
  15. Is there anything you dislike about your work/ studies?
  16. What job would you like to do in the future? / What job do you hope to be doing in ten years’ time?
  17. Do you want to study anything in the future? / Is there anything you’d like to study in the future?
  18. Why did you choose this subject/ job?
  19. Is it a difficult job/ subject?
  20. What was your favourite subject at school? What did you like about that?
  21. Are you studying anything at the moment?
  22. What are/ were the best things about your job/ studies?
  23. What do you do for a living?
  24. Who was your favourite teacher at school? (Why?)
  25. .Are you working at the moment? (Have you had a job before?)
  26. Is there anything you want to study in the future?
  27. .What is your typical day like at work/ at school/ in college.


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