Bài tập TOEIC Part 5-6-7 có đáp án chi tiết


Ngoài việc ôn luyện ngữ pháp thì việc tự ôn luyện bài tập cũng quan trọng không kém giúp bạn nâng cao điểm số. Hôm nay, Eng4 chia sẻ loạt bài bài tập Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh – tổng hợp Bài tập toeic part 5-6-7 có đáp án chi tiết của tất cả các chủ đề ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh quan trọng giúp bạn cải thiện ngữ pháp, phục vụ cho kỳ thi toeic .

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Bài tập toeic part 5-6-7 có đáp án chi tiết

101. Dr. Hooper at Michigan United Hospital is the world’s ….surgeries.

102.  With  ski  season  fast… ,  investors  are wondering whether the ski lodge will be completed by the first snow fall.

103. Althea Corporation … by many analysts to be the most innovative software company in the industry.

104. It is still unclear … the Mayor will accept the recommendations of the City Council.

105.   Salpert   Corporation’s   stock …by  8% during the first quarter of the year.

106. A generation ago, no one could have predicted that computers and the Internet would be as… as they are today.

107. Albertson and Kelman have decided to open a separate…. for research and development.

108. Home sizes at Timberland Ranch from
1,200 to 8,000 square feet.

109. An overpass on Interstate 38 in Lakeview County …..yesterday, due to high flood waters.

110. We anticipate…the first phase of the project will take approximately two weeks to

Bài tập TOEIC Part 5-6-7 có đáp án chi tiết
Bài tập TOEIC có đáp án

111. The total cost to renovate the building was$13.75 million,… double the original estimate.

112. We would like to thank the Elog Foundation for their generous….. to our charity fundraiser.

113. The retail industry spends….. $28 billion
on IT and related systems annually.

114. My….. with Mr. Frantz was mostly .focused on issues related to integrating the staff after
the proposed merger.

115. The schedule, which you will find attached,…the specific delivery dates we require.

116. Senior analyst John Pierpoint expects SunDigit
to post….of $4 billion for the year.

117. …..the highway was built, the only practical way to brings goods into the town of
Tilman was by rail.

118.Brantel, Inc. has reportedly…. a 500-acreproperty in Berlin, Florida, where it plans to build a manufacturing plan.

119. Director Gary Robertson’s latest film, “Frontiers,” centers on the …..of a young man
who traveled to the American West in the 1850s, seeking fortune and fame.

120 The bird feeder …..to keep squirrels from getting to the birdseed.

121. …..the Radio Communications Directory, there are 16,376 licensed radio stations currently broadcasting.

122. On April 3rd, we will hold a meeting with the ….of our business units.

123. The average….. for a 2-bedroom apartment
in Boulder, Colorado is $900 a month.

124. Dr. Corley holds a Ph.D. in anthropology, and …..a book about the Nile delta last October.

125. The Metro Tech program offers a 6-month course leading to an ACAM… in Basic130. Automobile Maintenance upon successful

126. The European Commerce Authority is seeking …..imports of foreign-made textiles and garments.

127. Be sure to use the Standard Operations checklist….shipment.

128. The Museum of Natural History and Industry in Tanner, OH receives more than 40,000…..each month.

129. Portable, affordable, and stylish: personal listening devices have never been a more popular…..

130. Johnson’s paper three processes for….generating hydrogen in fuel cells.


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